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Low Loss Transmission Cables - LBC range
Our high performance low loss transmission cables are excellent alternatives to standard RG174, RG58 and RG213 types. They feature foam PE dielectrics for improved attenuation and are double screened with a combination of braid and foil.

LBC coaxial cables
LBC ExtraFlex coaxial cables
Ku-flex Microwave Cable Assemblies
These 18GHz high performance, flexible low loss assemblies are an ideal solution for test, instrumentation and other high frequency applications. They are supplied with serialized insertion loss and return loss plots.

Ku-flex Cable Assemblies
GPS and GSM Cable Assemblies
UFL Connectors terminated on 1.13mm cable to SMA Bulkhead Jacks, FME Bulkhead Plugs and N Type Bulkhead Jacks - available from stock.

UFL Coaxial Cable Assemblies