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Step 6 of 6: Cable Length
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Supply the required assembly length. Select the appropriate unit of measurement in the adjacent list and click Finish.

Review the table below to see more information on assembly length.
Defining Length
Conversion to Millimetres
1 centimetre: 10mm
1 metre: 1000mm
1 inch: 25.4mm
1 foot: 304.8mm
Minimum Cable Assembly Length A minimum cable assembly length of 70mm applies in Cabulator™. It is often possible to make shorter cable assemblies, but the manufacturing process may need to be reviewed. If you require an assembly shorter than this, please contact our technical sales team to discuss.
Maximum Cable Assembly Length The maximum cable length is often determined by the available continuous cable length or drum size. In Cabulator™, you are able to define any length that you require up to 1000 metres. If there is any issue with your selection, you will be contacted by our technical sales team to discuss.
Flexible Cable Tolerances
(including conformable)
<250mm: +2mm -0.0mm
<500mm: +5mm -0.0mm
<3000mm: +10mm -0.0mm
<10000mm: +15mm -0.0mm
>10000mm: +20mm -0.0mm
Semi-Rigid Cable Tolerances
(excluding conformable)
No decimal places: +1mm -0.0mm
Decimal places: +0.50mm -0.0mm