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Step 5 of 6: Reference Points
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Select a length reference type from the adjacent list and click Next.

Review the table below if you would like to see more information on length reference types.
Reference Points Select
Back of Body to Back of Body
Taken from the back of each connector body. If you are not too concerned about where the length points are we suggest you choose this one.
Tip to Tip
Taken from the tip of each connector body.
Cable Cut to Cable Cut
Taken as the cut length of the cable from tip to tip, prior to the termination of connectors.
Mating Reference Plane to Mating Reference Plane
Taken from the tip of the mating contact of straight connectors and the centre of the contact of right angle connectors.
Back of Ferrule to Back of Ferrule
Taken from the back of each connector ferrule (or the rear of the connector for solder clamp styles, e.g. connectors without ferrules).