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Manufacturers of Coaxial Connectors, Push-Pull Latching Connectors, Coaxial Cable, Multicore and Coaxial Cable Assemblies.
We manufacture our own range of coaxial connectors and push-pull latching connectors. We also manufacture coaxial and multicore cable assemblies to order, primarily using our own ex-stock connector range. If using our standard components cable assemblies have no minimum order value or quantity.
If you are looking for any of the following we can also help.
Custom Coaxial Connectors
We can offer coaxial connector designs to your specification.
Typically, the optimum production quantity for non-standard connectors is 1k pieces but this may vary depending on how much or little your required design differs from our standard products. Our technical sales team can quickly give you an indication of what can be offered, either from drawings, samples or initial discussions.
Custom Coaxial and Push-Pull Multicore Cable Assemblies
We manufacture cable assemblies to customer specifications every day.
Many cable assembly configurations can be created using our online configurator - Cabulator, but if you require something more specific we can also provide; Semi-rigid forming, temperature cycling, 100% testing for VSWR, Return Loss and insertion loss (up to 40GHz), custom idents and sleeving and waterproof protection up to IP68.
Contact our technical sales team to discuss your requirements.

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