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12G SDI Connectors for Printed Circuit Board Applications
12G Broadcast PCB
Ultra High Definition Video, also known as UHD or 4K requires an interconnect system that can transfer data at a frequency of 12Gbps. Using standard BNC connectors, this could require multiple channels.

The 12G-SDI (12 Gbps Signal/Data Serial Interface) standard as defined by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers under SMPTE ST 2082, describes the electrical and physical characteristics of a 12G-SDI coaxial cable interface suitable for applications where the signal loss does not exceed an amount specified by the receiver manufacturer.

No matter how good the cable and interconnections between equipment is, if the receiving or transmitting hardware is not equipped with appropriate 12G-SDI compliant connectors, signal integrity will be lost.

End Launch PCB Mount Connectors to SMPTE Specification

The image above shows typical performance of Gigatronix End Launch BNC Connectors against the SMPTE specification for 12G / 4K SDI

Gigatronix manufacture a range of 12G SDI compatible connectors including BNC and HD BNC (Micro BNC). All these connectors are optimised for 4K Ultra HD Broadcast, providing transmission on a single channel and are 12G-SDI, 4k Single Channel Compliant with excellent VSWR and Return Loss up to 12GHz.

Connectors are available in a range of configurations including End Launch, Vertical PCB Mount and Right Angle PCB Mount