Coaxial Cable Assemblies
Coaxial Cable Assemblies
Configure custom coaxial cable assemblies online with Cabulator, the fastest, easiest way to specify and purchase online.
Coaxial Connectors
Coaxial Connectors
Thousands of Coaxial Connector styles manufactured for stock; cable fixing, PCB, panel mount and adaptors
Coaxial Cable
Coaxial Cables
RG Standard, Low Loss LBC Series, 12G SDI 4K and high performance cables from stock
IPX / UFL Coaxial Cable Assemblies
IPX / UFL micro-coaxial cable assemblies. Configure online with; SMA, TNC, BNC panel fixing connectors
12G SDI Coaxial Connectors
Precision designs to fit an extensive range of broadcast cables. SMPTE ST2082-1 4K single channel compliant.