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IP68 Coaxial Connectors. Ingress protected in an unmated condition.
IP68 Coaxial Connectors
What is an IP Rating?
IP, or "Ingress Protection" ratings are defined in international standard EN 60529 (British BS EN 60529:1992, European IEC 60509:1989) and are used to define levels of protection against intrusion (ingress) from foreign bodies such as dust and liquids.

What do the numbers in an IP Rating mean?
The numbers that follow 'IP' each have a specific meaning. The first number indicates the degree of protection from foreign bodies such as dust and dirt. The second number defines the protection level from various forms of moisture (sprays, splashes, submersion etc).

The tables below illustrates the various levels of protection:

IP Rating

Gigatronix IP68 Coaxial Connectors are available in a range of configurations for applications as diverse as Water Monitoring equipment to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle surveillance applications.

Unlike traditional bulkhead mounted connectors, Gigatronix range of IP68 Waterproof connectors employ a variety of techniques to achieve an IP68 rating in both their mated and unmated conditions. These include: Internal O rings, Pin in Contact, External Flange Mounted O rings amongst others

Bulkhead Style with flange internal and on the 'dry' side

IP68 Waterproof Seal MA02

Panel Mount Style with flange external and on the 'wet' side

IP68 Waterproof Seal MA62

Gigatronix also manufactures a range of IP68 rated connectors designed to work on the outside of equipment and specifically designed to help protect cables used in harsh environments.

Cable Mounted Plug IP68 Plug

IP68 Waterproof Seal NT15

The connector shown above has been designed to help prevent the ingress of water into the coaxial cable itself. While water ingress into the cable would not be immediately detrimental to the operation of the system, over time water would cause corrosion on the inner metallic components of the cable causing a gradual breakdown in signal integrity. There would also be a significant risk of water 'tracking' along the internal structure of the cable and gaining entry into any equipment it was connected to.

If the assembly was fully submerged and under pressure, the ingress of water would be significantly accelerated.

Gigatronix IP68 Coaxial Connectors are available in BNC, TNC, TNC RP, SMA, SMA RP and N Type variants.

Connectors are available in both cable mount and PCB mount variants.

Also available are a range of IP68 Interseries adaptors

All Gigatronix IP68 Coaxial Connectors are IP68 in both their unmated or mated conditions. These connectors are ideal for applications where water ingress is a risk to the functionality of the connected equipment.


Available as both cable mount and PCB mount
Available in a wide range of connector and cable variants
IP68 rated even when unmated
DC to 12 GHz (with N type)
50Ω and 75Ω impedance variants


Remote monitoring
Industrial equipment
Wireless communications