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IPX Assemblies for coaxial cables; 0.81mm to 1.83mm
IPX/UFL Assemblies
IPX Connectors are used in a wide range of wireless devices including: notebook M.2 and M2M modules, tablets, smartphones, in-Vehicle infotainment systems, and more. As the Internet of Things (IoT) deployment accelerates, micro-miniature connector will play a greater role in global wireless connectivity.

There are a range of IPX options to fit user specific requirements with connectors available in a variety of configurations. These include low profile and standard profile ranging from 1.20mm mated height to 3.00mm mated height, with coax outer diameters ranging from 0.81 mm 1.83mm.

IPX Connectors

Typical insertion loss and VSWR values by assembly length and coax outer diameter are shown in the graphs below.

Assembly length - 100mm

Typical Insertion Loss
Typical VSWR

Gigatronix offers both pre-configured and customisable IPX to other series assemblies. Assembly configurations that are available include IPX to SMA, BNC, TNC, N Type, MCX, MMCX, and many more.

IPX Assemblies

Gigatronix also offers a range of pre-configured IPX to IPX cable assemblies in various lengths and cable types ideal for an off the shelf, no MOQ, solution.

There is also an option for a range of IP68 Connectors to IPX connectors in various configurations for harsh environment applications.

You can build your own IPX cable assemblies using the Gigatronix On Line Configurator, Cabulator.