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HD BNC Connectors. They're Micro, but Mighty - and 12G SDI 4K compliant.
HD BNC Connectors
HD BNC - 75 ohm 12G-SDI performance with 4x the panel density of standard BNC connectors

The HD BNC connector is engineered to provide 12G, 75 ohm performance and support 4K-SDI and UHD video in a single channel.

Modern broadcast equipment demands higher bandwidths with smaller real estate forcing a rethink of the interconnects between equipment.

HD BNC Connectors are designed with the traditional and very familiar bayonet locking mechanism as used for many years by the BNC connector but with the advantage of a footprint that is 51% smaller than that of the BNC allowing for 4 times the density.

Conventional BNC Rear Panel

BNC Panel Density V1

HD BNC Rear Panel

HDBNC Panel Density V1

Cable preparation and connector termination is identical to that of BNC connectors, making the transition to HD BNC seamless.

PCB mount connectors, both vertical and end launch service the equipment manufacturers demands while cable mount connectors, adaptors and panel mount connectors are aimed at the System Integrator and Installer markets.
Connectors are available for the full range of Gigatronix new 4K broadcast cables and are fully compatible with manufacturers cable such as Belden RG179DT, 4855r, 4505r and 4694r.